Stephen (Jaden’s Dad) and I are officially engaged! We did things a little ‘out of order’ but sometimes that’s life.

“So how did he propose?”

Stephen and I went out to lunch and to run some errands for our BBQ at night with his sister and brother in law. When we got home we decided to take Jaden to the pool for a little bit. Stephen said, “Should we go get our bathing suits on?”. I said, “Yeah let’s get ready”. As I walked to the bedroom and started opening the door, it wasn’t openings. It seemed like something was blocking it. I pushed hard and finally got the door opened and what I saw next was a complete surprise.

There I was at the entrance to our bedroom surrounded by red roses, white balloons and candles lit everywhere. I immediately began balling and by the time I turned around, Stephen was already down on one knee.

What was really special about the whole thing is that it was done at our house, in our room. It was so us. We love to spend days at home with Jaden doing absolutely nothing. We love to sleep in together and just be lazy and watch movies.

My mom later asked if I would have been surprised if he proposed at Disneyland (which I was going to take Jaden to in a couple days). I said yes I would have been surprised but it would not have been us. I am not Disney obsessed, I don’t need a huge proposal scene (in fact I would have probably been uncomfortable had that happened) and again it’s just not us. We don’t have any ties to Disneyland. But our home, that is where some of our best memories are made.

His proposal was absolutely perfect.



Article written by:

Kimberly Farrell

The main mama behind Peanut in my Belly Co. I play the role of Mom to my sons Jaden and Connor, and the role of Step-Mama to my step-daughter, Aubrey. I'm a work-a-holic, lover of all things design, social media junkie and a whole30 success story. You can read more about me and Peanut in my Belly over on the about page.


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