A Baby Shower Gift Basket for a Mama-to-Be

The moment I found out I was going to be an auntie I started on my quest for unique items to create a baby shower gift basket for my sister Lauren, the soon-t0-be mama.

I remember the day she found out she was pregnant, I showed up at her doorstep to pick her up for a fun day with my son Jaden, at Disneyland. She opened the door with a huge smile on her face, didn’t say a word, and just held out a positive pregnancy test. Lauren and her husband had been trying on and off again for the past year or so, so it was a big deal when she finally got the smiley face!

Much like her baby shower (which you can view here) I wanted her gift to be useful and unique.

Right away I started collecting adorable items from some of my favorite small shops on Instagram and I really didn’t stop collecting until a few days before her baby shower in January. Since I wanted the gift to be extra useful, I decided to use a tub that was on her baby registry as the ‘basket’ instead of an actual basket. After I got all of the fun items I purchased in the basket, I filled the remaining space will a combination of items from her registry and other useful items such as; diaper rash cream, baby powder, baby oil, wipes etc. I then wrapped it in cellophane with some tissue inside so that you couldn’t see everything in it. To top it off I tied it with a big bow and and a card on my Hello Peanut stationary, in which was clipped on with a clothes pin.

A Baby Shower Gift Basket for a Mama To Be

Some of My Favorite Items inside This

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Baby Shower Gift Basket for a Mama To Be

Where can I get these items?

Arrow Onesie by Shop Monkey Bug

Aztek Leggings by Zions Den Apparel

Binkie Dish by Timree

Custom Blocks by MiaBooo Blocks

Elephant Leggings by Bondi Wear

Hustlin Mama Tee by Mulberry Press Co

Little Things Onesie by Backward Prints

Love Life Tee by Vicarious Clothing

Moccs by Hello Moccs

Nursing Cover by Kismet Love Collection

Teething Necklace by Bumkins Nixi

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Kimberly Farrell

The main mama behind Peanut in my Belly Co. I play the role of Mom to my sons Jaden and Connor, and the role of Step-Mama to my step-daughter, Aubrey. I'm a work-a-holic, lover of all things design, social media junkie and a whole30 success story. You can read more about me and Peanut in my Belly over on the about page.


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  1. Messy Mom

    I love the tag. That is the cutest gift basket ever! Congratulations on becoming an auntie!

  2. Miranda @ Miranda Writes

    This is such a fun idea! I love gift baskets instead of buying one larger gift. So many options for baby and mama! =)

  3. Holly Housewife

    Love love love that!!! I’ve been trying to get one of those teething necklaces, they were sold out at babies r us. Will have to check all these things out 🙂

  4. Rachel Hough

    Love this! Gave me so many great ideas for a friends baby twins!

  5. Karissa Ancell

    What a whole bunch of great things. I love baby stuff

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