Relocating to Oregon

Well the news is out and we are excited to announce that my fiancé Stephen has accepted a job transfer to OREGON! We are very excited and see this as a great opportunity for our family.

PLEASE NOTE: The store will be temporarily closed end of day March 27th through April 10th so be sure to get in your last minute orders today or tomorrow!

About 2 months ago Stephen was offered a job transfer with his employer to the Portland area. After much thought and weighing the pros and cons, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. The cost of living in Southern California is so high and can quite often be a tough place for young families. So we decided to jump at the opportunity and quickly gave his employer our decision, YES!

I’ve only been to Oregon once and it was last summer to visit Stephen’s family in Astoria. I have never been to the Portland area (besides the airport) so I am truly going in blind folded. I quickly joined a mommy group on Facebook for support and guidance with our ‘blind’ move. I say ‘blind’ because we are unable to visit before hand to check out neighborhoods and places to live. I have to say though, I have never felt more welcomed from the Oregon community. Instantly I had moms private messaging me offering guidance and support and I even had moms offering to go in person to check out homes and neighborhoods for us. The out poor of support was exactly what I needed to know in my gut that we are making the right decision for our family.

So here we are exactly 1 week away from our big move. (We will be relocating to Oregon the first week of April). We just got approved on a house and this weekend is our big goodbye celebration. It still hasn’t quite hit me yet, it doesn’t really feel real, but that could be because I haven’t packed a thing! (hah!)


So since I’ve never actually spent time in the Portland area, I would LOVE all of the advice and recommendations I can get! We are definitely going to be exploring a ton when we get there so any suggestions would be extremely helpful.

Do you have a recommendation (restaurant, shops, places to hike, things to do) in the Portland or surrounding areas? Leave it in the comments below!


Oregon -- Photo by Lauren Bauer with JL Photographers

Photo by @laurenbauer


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Kimberly Farrell

The main mama behind Peanut in my Belly Co. I play the role of Mom to my sons Jaden and Connor, and the role of Step-Mama to my step-daughter, Aubrey. I'm a work-a-holic, lover of all things design, social media junkie and a whole30 success story. You can read more about me and Peanut in my Belly over on the about page.


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  1. Messy Mom

    That is SO exciting. I would love to live in Oregon. I am sure there are some parts of it that are bitter sweet, but it’s such an artistic place (Portland anyway) with so much opportunity for natural living. Best of luck to you and your family. Congratulations.

  2. Polish & Plates

    Oregon is beautiful. You will LOVE it! We’re moving from Virginia to Colorado so I know what you are going through. It will be great for your family!

  3. Courtney Sweet

    ooh I love how lovingly the other ladies have been! Gosh that is so nice to hear. I bet it will be a great move for your family. I’ve never been that far west so I’m empty on recommendations, but best of luck for certain!

  4. Lindsey Edgell

    Devil’s Dill Sandwich Shop Portland (Gavin, one of the owners is my boyfriend David’s sister Jenny’s boyfriend!)
    Back To Eden bakery NE Alberta street Portland (it’s all vegan sweets but so amazing! Try the shakes)
    Stumptown Coffee
    Hike to Multnomah Falls.
    Have your wedding under the Saint John’s Bridge or at least visit.
    If you want to rent a movie (old school right?!) go to Movie Madness. They have everything and they have costumes on display from movies.
    Go to farmers markets/street fairs during the summer.
    Voodoo Donuts

    • peanutinmybelly

      Can’t wait to try these!! Thank you so much Lindsey for all of the recommendations!

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