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Fall. Next to Christmas this is it. This is on the list of these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things (as I burst out into horrible song and dance). When I think of transitioning into Fall I think of all things comfy, cozy & cuddly but how do I achieve that look while on a budget and of course, cute and fashionably so? I don’t wanna chip away at that emergency credit card I have frozen in the back of freezer so where can I can find some snugly boots and a sweater dress to go along? Since we have yet to FULLY enter into Fall (boooo!) here are 50 transitional pieces under $50 that won’t make you break a sweat but will help gear your closet with some fall staples at a reasonable price. Whether you have a bun in the oven, are a mama on the run or a just a gal meeting up with some friends for some coffee, these are sure to get you from point A to B and then some.

Here are pieces for everyone! Like I mentioned whether you are expecting, looking for that cute comfy boot, or a trench vest to throw over those sweater and leggings you’ve been DYING to break out from last fall…so take a peek and see what fits your life style!


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Mama Parka $29.99
Felt Hat $17.99

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Meagan Villescas

Accountant by day, fashion blogger by night and bargain shopper by lunch breaks, Meagan is a personal stylist and creator of The Affordable Life, currently residing in beautiful sunny Southern California. After loosing 140+ pounds herself, she has first hand experience dressing the body at many different shapes, sizes and journeys. She writes about current fashion trends, links to sales, bargain finds and she'll introduce you to that hidden shop around the corner.


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