Re-Vamping Your Pregnancy Clothing

Over the past few years I’ve lost 145lbs and my body changed in ways that were both glorious and frustrating at the same time. Glorious because, what woman doesn’t like to see that scale drop (can I get an amen?!) but frustrating because this meant that I was constantly changing my wardrobe which then also became very costly. I went from a size 22 to a 6 so this meant getting creative with what pieces I already had that would help transition me from body stage to body stage and season to season. But I mean yes….I did buy some new pieces from time to time 😉

After having a baby, the last thing on your mind is shopping. You are probably in survival mode and adjusting to this new human being that the hospital dare let you take home and all you are looking forward to is your next shower and nap!  Well, if you are post pregnancy here are some tips that will allow you to use your pregnancy clothes in new ways. You don’t have to go any further than and your closet (or a few affordable clicks on the internet, thank you online shopping!) and your adorable new bundle of joy!


Leggings are your friend. No matter what stage of life you are in, keep up that stock of leggings.


Invest in pieces like wrap-front/draped tops, that will not only frame your bump oh-so-cutely during pregnancy BUT also function as nursing tops post pregnancy. Pair this ASOS Maternity Nursing Wrap Over with some leggings and some comfy riding boots and you are set for that first pumpkin patch visit.


You can fix almost any outfit with a belt. I LOVE this trick. I had some tunic button down tops that fit…as tops (go figure) and after I lost the weight I was bummed that when I buttoned them up, they just looked like I was wearing a mans over-sized top that I picked up at the lost & found. I looked frumpy. So instead of buttoning them, wrap it over a tank, take that belt and tie, knot or buckle it around your waist. You can leave as much slack or not as you would like. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I would slap on my leggings or tights, pull over that infinity scarf and match the outfit with some ankle boots. But this also works for summer as well. If it’s a shorter button up that doesn’t quit cover the bum, do the same thing but put on some shorts and a cute pair of strappy sandals. Here’s a link to a variety of ways that you can tie that belt to help mix up the style.


Layers. We are lucky in that we are coming up to Fall in just a week (yay!!!) and so don’t be afraid to mix and play around with your wardrobe. Take that over-sized cardigan and do the same thing like the buttoned up tops. Wrap it, belt it OR tuck it into a high-waisted skirt OR wear over a tank and jeans. Layering means that you can take off and putt back on depending on your hot flashes for the day AND easy to adjust for nursing.


Invest in these bad boys. That is all.


The feet. Mine shrank overtime and this was CRAZY to me! But investing in some flats with elastic in them helped me go from width to width and I could wear with most any outfit. And lets face it, flats are just easy and comfy! (HINT: pointed flats make your legs appear thinner. You are welcome).

I hope these few simple tips help you to re-new and re-vamp your wardrobe at home while not spending a whole lot!

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Article written by:

Meagan Villescas

Accountant by day, fashion blogger by night and bargain shopper by lunch breaks, Meagan is a personal stylist and creator of The Affordable Life, currently residing in beautiful sunny Southern California. After loosing 140+ pounds herself, she has first hand experience dressing the body at many different shapes, sizes and journeys. She writes about current fashion trends, links to sales, bargain finds and she'll introduce you to that hidden shop around the corner.


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