Circus Inspired Baby Nursery

When we were planning Jaden’s nursery, I knew I wanted it to go with my There’s a Peanut in my Belly circus baby shower that I had. We were inspired by the circus! Bright colors and animals.

Dealing with a very small square room, we had to find unique ways to make it interesting. We used lots of art work on one wall and put furniture on angles so it didn’t feel like a complete box. We used an antique hoosier to store diapers, wipes, lotion etc. and then used the table part as a changing table. When it came down to the crib mobile, we just couldn’t find one that we liked, so we handmade one using items from my baby shower! For extra artwork, we framed wrapping paper from the baby shower, not only did this look adorable but it’s nice having a keepsake from the shower. We also had a banner on the crib that we had used for the baby shower, but don’t worry, we only used that for these pictures and took it down once baby was born (didn’t want a potential choking incident!)

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Project Details:

Photography: JL Photographers

Banner: There’s a Peanut in my Belly

Bedding: Scandia

Elephant Rug: Pottery Barn Kids

Shelves & Frames: Ikea

Elephants, Giraffes & Buttons (used for DIY mobile): Michaels

Crying is for Babies: Sycamore Street Press

Mama Loves You: Gus and Lula

Framed Animals: Papyrus Wrapping Paper

Bark Colored Pencils: Anthropologie

Jaden Letters: Urban Outfitters

Article written by:

Kimberly Farrell

The main mama behind Peanut in my Belly Co. I play the role of Mom to my sons Jaden and Connor, and the role of Step-Mama to my step-daughter, Aubrey. I'm a work-a-holic, lover of all things design, social media junkie and a whole30 success story. You can read more about me and Peanut in my Belly over on the about page.


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